2018. ápr 15.

Autistic and non-autistic children build our homeland together

írta: Márti+Robi
Autistic and non-autistic children build our homeland together

We’ve been visiting a class of Báthory Anna Reformist Elementary School with our pupils regularly since five school years. Or conversely, they pay us visits. We integrate them on two-three occasions in such a form, because we know how difficult it is to coordinate this process on behalf of both parties - in addition to the acquisition of the prescribed part of the curriculum.


In the beginning we held joint classes; however, their level of subject mastery has become so divergent (to their benefit) that we now choose to organize discussions and handicraft workshops. We agreed on a time with the head mistress and the class teacher on the Tuesday before the start of the spring break. Our main topic was the World Day of Autism.

We designed a 2 by 1 metres picture that was jointly created by our seven pupils together with the seven Reformist pupils. This was merely a “background noise” to get the ball into rolling so to speak, and to maintain communication between the children.

Their conversations are becoming more-and more in-depth year-by-year. The forenoon started just as clumsy as regularly, however, in the end the fourteen teenagers were exchanging jokes and they had a good laugh. After the drawing was finished, we let them talk for half an hour.

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